Get set up with everything you need for your Orientation and first day at Bloomberg.

The initial setup of your account and profile will be done using your personal Windows or Mac device.

After your account and profile are set up, you will be taken through the process to set up the device you will use to work outside the Bloomberg offices. This will be done on your own personal hardware or a company provided laptop.

Also, provided the initial set up is done, you have the option to install the Bloomberg Professional mobile application on a smartphone or tablet.

Please follow the steps below in order. The expectation is that you will complete the set up process well in advance of your start date.
New Hire Tech
New Hire Tech FAQ
All the questions you could have when trying to set up your Bloomberg tech.
New Hire Tech
+ New Hire Tech FAQ

All the questions you could have when trying to set up your Bloomberg tech.

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Step 1. Download Citrix software

To access the Bloomberg Terminal via the web, you will need to first download and install the latest Citrix Workspace application for your computer.

1.a.  Go to; the preferred browser is Internet Explorer for Windows and Safari for Mac OS.

1.b.  Scroll down the page and ensure the “Show me Downloads for” field is set to the operating system on your personal computer, then click on “Citrix Workspace” to download.  The choices are Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

1.c.  Install Citrix Workspace from your downloads folder.

1.d.  During the install, you will be asked to Add Account (see image below). Please be advised you should click the “CLOSE” this window. Email or Server address is not needed.

Questions? Check our FAQ

Step 2. Login to Bloomberg Anywhere and enroll your B-Unit

2.a. Go to

2.b. In the fields, enter your login name and password provided in the email from Bloomberg Human Resources, then click “Login”.

2.c. Follow the on-screen instructions and prompts to enroll the B-Unit device. Should you need guidance on the finger swiping component, please follow the instructions here depending on the B-Unit model you have:

B-Unit 3 (B-Swipe)

B-Unit 5 (B-Touch)

2.d. Once you have successfully enrolled the BUNIT, you will get the following screen, select Launch just the Bloomberg Terminal, then select Launch.

2.e. A file named “bba.ica” will download. The Citrix Workspace application you installed is used to launch the file and to open the Bloomberg Terminal. If you do not see the following screen and Bloomberg does not open, click on the file from the downloads directory to launch Bloomberg!

2.f. You will also see a pop-up box regarding permissions for the Bloomberg Terminal to access your computer. You can select Permit Use. Check the box “Do not ask me again for this site” if you do not want to see the box on subsequent logins to Bloomberg Anywhere (Bloomberg Terminal).

2.g.  When the Bloomberg Terminal Launches do not be alarmed, as you might see four Bloomberg windows (panels) open along with a Launchpad.

Questions? Check our FAQ

Step 3. Update your Bloomberg Terminal password

In this step, you will be changing the Bloomberg Terminal password. The Terminal account is used to login to the Bloomberg Terminal (Bloomberg Anywhere or APOD), authenticate for restricted data within the Terminal and log into some other Telephony and Video conference applications.

3.a.  In the Command line at the top of the screen (a blinking blue box indicates where you can type), type UUF then press the Enter (or Return) key to execute the command. Follow the On-Screen prompts:

3.b.  You will first be prompted to type in your existing credentials (provided by Human Resources), then press the Enter  (or Return) key to get to the new password screen.

3.c.  Create a new password for yourself based on the requirements. When ready, press Save to update.

3.d. You will see a screen with the message “Your password has been successfully updated” if your change is successful.

Questions? Check our FAQ

Step 4. Set up your CORP Password

In this next step you will be creating a CORP password which will be used to login to your computer in the office, your company-issued laptop and others.

4.a.  Go back to the Command line (you can hit ESC), type CHPW then press the Enter (or Return) key to execute the command.

4.b.  The following screen will appear. Click on reset password.

4.c.  You will be asked to authenticate using your Terminal username and password, then provide the B-Unit token code.

4.d.  To obtain the B-Unit token code, turn on your B-Unit, swipe your finger,  then enter the 6-digit code that appears on the B-Unit screen.

4.e.  Choose “Corp (PC)” from the drop-down menu for “Choose Domain”.

4.f.  Click into the Enter New Password field and enter your new password. Hover mouse over the Enter New Password field to see the requirements.

4.g.  Click into the Confirm New Password field and re-enter the same password, then click Submit.

Questions? Check our FAQ

Step 5. Install Mobile App

*Mainland China users, please begin with Step 2.

5.a.  Search for Bloomberg on the AppStore or Google Play and install the Bloomberg Professional app. When installation is complete, skip to step 3.

5.b.  Mainland China employees can download “Bloomberg Professional” from the Baidu App Store OR download the APK file from:

5.c.  On the login screen, enter your Terminal login name and password.

5.d.  To obtain a B-Unit token code, turn on your B-Unit, swipe your finger and enter the 6 digit code that appears on the B-Unit display.

Note: It will take 48 hours from your initial login in the Bloomberg Mobile Application on your smartphone for the NTFY (Health Declaration statement) to show up.

Questions? Check our FAQ

Step 6: Work from anywhere

Next, please select the device you will be using to work outside the Bloomberg Offices. There will be instructions to assist you with the setup.

Questions? Check our FAQ

Step 7. Acknowledgment

Do not skip this step.

Please use the applicable link below to let us know if your setup is complete.

Please do not complete the form more than once. If you have any issues, we will contact you to assist further.