To set up your Bloomberg issued laptop please read the following instructions or watch the video below.


Nexi is Bloomberg’s main video conferencing platform. It is already installed on the Bloomberg Windows laptop. There are three ways you can join a Nexi conference call. See below for more information.

1. Access via web browser

If you receive a link to a Nexi conference, you can join by clicking the “Join via the browser” button. To install the full version of the software, click the “Download” button.

You may also log in to Nexi directly by visiting https://corp.blpnexi.com. You will be directed to Bloomberg Single Sign-On (BSSO) and asked to authenticate with your credentials and B-Unit.

  • To prepare for the video call, click the unique URL link.
  • Select Join via the browser.
  • In the field, enter your name, then select JOIN.
  • You are now in the call!

For more on Nexi: https://www.bloombergchina.com/nexi-help

2. Download Nexi software

The latest version of Nexi can be found at https://bbe.bloomberg.com/downloads or by clicking “Download” from https://corp.blpnexi.com.

3. Access via mobile app

To install the Nexi app on your mobile device, search for VidyoConnect on the App Store or Google Play. Once installed, you’ll need to enter the portal address “corp.blpnexi.com”, as well as your CORP credentials and a B-unit token code to log in. The functionality of the mobile app is similar to that of the desktop app. You will see your starred contacts and rooms, and be able to easily search for people and pin numbers.

For more information and instructions, please visit The Nexi Help Center


Zoom is another one of the video conferencing platforms used at Bloomberg. Upon enrolling the Bloomberg Windows laptop and logging into it, Zoom will install automatically for you.

Be advised that you will not be able to log into the Zoom application with your Bloomberg account on the laptop until the week you start.

During the week you start at Bloomberg, you will be able to log into your work Zoom account. Below is more information and instructions.

  • If you have created a personal ZOOM account via your Bloomberg.net email address, you MUST change and verify a personal email address on that account prior to following the activating/provisioning process via BSSO. The process will NOT work if you have an existing ZOOM account under your BLOOMBERG.NET email address.
  • You must log into the Zoom application prior to scheduling any meetings in APPT<GO>, your Zoom account is created during the initial login process.
  • ALL changes to a Zoom meeting should be done using APPT<GO>, do not use the Zoom application. Any changes made to meetings within Zoom will not be reflected in APPT<GO>.

Setup directions:

You’re ready to log into Zoom to begin using the video conference platform.

Upon logging into Zoom for the first time with your Bloomberg credentials, you are now authenticated and ready to schedule Zoom meetings via APPT.

APOD install and setup

You access the Bloomberg Terminal via Bloomberg Anywhere, our Citrix-based version.  Bloomberg Anywhere can be used on any operating system.  Another way to access the Bloomberg Terminal is via an APOD. An APOD is the Bloomberg Terminal as a configured installed application and is only available on Windows computers.

You should receive the instructions via email.  Additionally, below is a link to the same instructions to (download, install and activate) the Bloomberg Terminal on Windows.  This type of Bloomberg Terminal access is known as an APOD.

APOD install instructions

Great job! Your laptop set up is complete.